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Your business has several critical systems that keep you running. What happens when those systems can't communicate with each other? That's where we come in.

Business value.

Not only can we quickly setup e-commerce for new businesses, but we have also helped our clients increase their existing revenue streams by adapting their dated systems to larger quantites of orders and revenue, and streamlining the efforts of their employees. Our Blog also offers insight into the top resources for entrepreneurs in order to help streamline your efforts in growth.

Who we are.

Coming from Georgia Tech, we are a computer scientist and a computer engineer team with very different points of view, however we grew up together in the same gifted programs and academic teams. Our competitive advantage is our decades of teamwork and we are ready to team up with you for a new set of challenges.

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Value Proposition Design Part 1

Posted on by James Thomas.

Customer Profile Creation

One of the most important abilities for any business to be able to do is to find a common pain in their existing customers or future customers and solve it. If you do not have existing customers then you can just assume everyone is your customer until you can start to narrow down your target. The customer profile consists of the customers pains and gains, and the book Value Proposition Design ...

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